Unit Cleaning & Decontamination

Strategic process with patented chemistry.

We offer an assortment of unit cleaning and decontamination services for the refinery, renewable diesel, and petrochemical industries.


We do it all, our team can handle multiple, full unit, battery limit, and even the most complex projects.


With the powerful combination of our patented Vaporganic® process and QuikTurn® chemical formulation, we’re able to remove all petroleum-based hydrocarbons (grease, oil, benzene, H2S, and LEL).

We also offer patented pyrophoric remediation techniques to reduce risks of fires and explosions.


Our patented cleaning processes, mechanical enhancements, and experienced staff can help streamline shutdowns with added safety and efficiency.


RTI’s patented QTRX2 process makes entering hydroprocessing unit reactors safe and easy by removing the need to hot strip reactors before cooldown as well as extended nitrogen purging on the back end. QTRX2 is able to shorten shutdown time by 1-2 days. This video helps visualize QTRX2 in a way that’s easy to understand.


Our newest formulations, PTA Treat and CL Treat, really pack a punch when combined to fight corrosion on 300-series stainless steel and certain alloys. We also offer Alky Treat to make neutralization a breeze.

Stop Corrosion in Its Tracks

Polythionic acid (PTA) can corrode 300 series stainless steel and other alloys. The formula behind PTA Treat can create a solution to prevent this costly damage from happening. With one 275-gallon tote of PTA Treat, you can make 10,000 gallons of solution.

No More Steel Cracking

Chloride is another corrosion threat to 300 series stainless steel and other alloys. Just one 275-gallon tote of CL Treat can make 20,000 gallons of solution to prevent the damage.

Make Neutralizing Easy

We’ve simplified the process of neutralizing sulfuric acid alkylation units with the chemistry of Alky Treat and by utilizing our space-saving, proprietary mixing tee. One 330-gallon tote can produce 11,880 gallons of solution and make safe, on-site sulfuric alky neutralization a reality.

The knowledge of the techs of the chemical cleaning process and the time taken to walk down the whole job and work closely with us to create a procedure and a timeline that was a great benefit to me as the planner of the shutdown!”
— Valero

Sustainable Solutions

Our cleaning and decontamination methods don’t just have to clean up tough messes more easily, they also have to do it without adding any ecological threats. Here are three ways RTI makes that happen.

Vapor Control

RTI offers proven methods to contain or remove harmful air pollutants and organic compounds before they can enter the surrounding environment. We also have a system to prevent visual flaring, thereby ensuring a flareless turnaround.

All fractionation units (CDU, FCCU, Coker, etc.) benefit from our proven
Vaporganic® process.


Ultrasonic technology reduces water use and gets better results than simple hydroblasting by utilizing high frequency sound waves. This method even makes it possible for demister pads and other equipment to be reused instead of thrown away after a single use.

& Non-Toxic

Our patented QuikTurn® formula is a biodegradable and nontoxic cleaner/degreaser that’s added to utility steam to remove dangerous waste materials from industrial vessels. Since it’s all-natural and hydrocarbon-based, it can even be reprocessed into usable fuel at a refinery.

Learn how we’ve globally revolutionized
chemical cleaning.