Reactor System Cleaning

Prepare your reactor systems for catalyst handling activities.

Expedite reactor entry and lower your N2 expenses by implementing our process. Eliminate hot H2 stripping and reduce your downtime.


Our patented QTRX2 process allows for fast, safe, and predictable entry into hydroprocessing unit reactors. There’s no need to hot strip reactors prior to cooldown and extended nitrogen purging on the back end can be eliminated. Watch the video below to learn more about this revolutionary new process.

This video helps to visualize our QTRX2 application.



Eliminate the need for secondary cleanings in separators, KO drums, and absorbers and remove secondary metal passivation for Polythionic Acid (PTA) and Chloride (Cl) Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). Quench®RX deactivates pyrophoric materials in reactor systems and provides an alkaline flush to clean the system, remove sulfur, and eliminate the potential formation of polythionic acids. Quench®RX is applied while the reactor system is cooling down, eliminating mechanically and time-intensive polish and passivation steps.


pH Balance

pH Balance is a complex buffering formulation that will safely lower system pH to neutral when applied to hydroprocessing units. pH Balance is easy to apply, consumes most hydroxides and ammonia, and is safe for the environment.

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