Fractionation Equipment

Proven practices for predictability. 

Optimize your ‘oil out’ shutdown procedures with our patented cleaning process.

Using our experienced personnel and best practices from thousands of projects RTI has successfully executed, we enhance mechanical and procedural operations from oil-out-to-blinding.

How We Do It

Fast & Effective

Expedite confined space entry and clean your vessels with QuikTurn®. QuikTurn®’s hydrocarbon-based formula is easy to apply, safe for the environment, exhibits excellent metallurgy properties, and will not cause problems with chemical or refinery products and waste treatment facilities. 


reliable reduction agent

To remediate pyrophoric iron sulfide, Quench® is injected as a vapor phase application (with steam or nitrogen), following our patented QuikTurn® Vaporganic® process. Dramatically decrease the amount of effluent generated and reduce your downtime by using Quench®.

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