Data & Spec Sheets

RTI is a leader in innovation. Our patented chemistries, processes, and designs help deliver safer, more efficient results.

Further documentation about each of our chemistries and processes is available to review with the proper clearance.

Chemistry Data

Prepares vessels for confined space entry.

The perfect solution for performance improving applications.

External surface cleaning.

Prepares reactor systems for catalyst handling activity.

Remediates pyrophoric iron sulfide.

Additive for cutter stock circulations or flushes.

Prevents polythionic stress corrosion cracking. 

Prevents chloride stress corrosion cracking.

Neutralizes sulfuric acid alkylation units.

Injected into nitrogen to degas or clean equipment. 

Deactivates pyrophoric catalyst.

Neutralizes high pH units.

The mild buffer formulation reduces pH on hydroprocessing units. 

Prepares light service process equipment for confined space entry. 

Mechanical Specs


Pipes & Valves

KO Drums


Drain headers

Heat Exchangers

Custom Fabrication

RTI is a leader in innovation. Our patented designs help deliver safer, more efficient results.
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