Reactive Chemistry

Safe neutralizing solutions with effective results.

Leveraging our experienced operations personnel, RTI provides reliable solutions requiring 75% less temporary equipment and yields shorter timeline durations. 
Stop Corrosion in Its Tracks

Polythionic acid (PTA) can corrode 300 series stainless steel and other alloys. The formula behind PTA Treat can create a solution to prevent this costly damage from happening. With one 275-gallon tote of PTA Treat, you can make 10,000 gallons of solution.

No More Steel Cracking

Chloride is another corrosion threat to 300 series stainless steel and other alloys. Just one 275-gallon tote of CL Treat can make 20,000 gallons of solution to prevent the damage.

Make Neutralizing Easy

We’ve simplified the process of neutralizing sulfuric acid alkylation units with the chemistry of Alky Treat and by utilizing our space-saving, proprietary mixing tee. One 330-gallon tote can produce 11,880 gallons of solution and make safe, on-site sulfuric alky neutralization a reality.

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