Heat Exchanger Management

A comprehensive and proactive approach to managing heat exchanger fouling.

Prevent heat exchangers from fouling with HXM.

HXM is a heat exchanger management program powered by our proprietary HeatTrax™ technology to control pre-heat performance and supported by engineering experts in heat exchanger technology. Our ultrasonic In-Situ cleaning method with patented Super Q® and UpperCut® chemistries will keep your exchanger clean and running smoothly. The benefits of HXM are clear—crude unit throughput is optimized with consistent cleanings which are 5-10 times less expensive than pulling and hydroblasting. Fewer resources are consumed and safety is increased.


Realtime Monitoring

RTI is the only provider that delivers the engineering services needed to monitor preheat trains as well as the technology that keeps the train running at optimal conditions. Were able save you money with HeatTrax, an annual, lump-sum program designed to achieve specific furnace inlet temperature results, eliminating incremental cleaning and monitoring costs.

Super Power Cleaner

Since detergents and other water-based cleaners can often emulsify foulants, it’s better to use hydrocarbon-based solvents because they lower the viscosity of fouling material so that it can be easily removed from your exchanger’s tube bundle. Super Q® is our patented, fully organic hydrocarbon that boasts 120 KB (a standard measure of solvent power) – that’s four times stronger than most cutter stocks. Get a more effective cleaning the first time by using Super Q®.

Knock Out Grime

When you need to dissolve hydrocarbons and petroleum sludge from heat exchanger trains and storage tanks, you need UpperCut® on your side. Owing to UpperCut®‘s unique molecular affinity toward cleaning up stubborn waste deposits, adding it to cutter stock (LCO, diesel, etc.) will knock out 50% more hydrocarbon deposits and make for faster, better cleaning.

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